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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Taking Photos of People When Travelling
by Arvin- Kohli - 2

People photography while travelling, the one rule to follow is always ask for permission. Try to be different.

Fairly frequently, you'll get a yes, in some places you might be expect to pay, the picture below I took of a local Man outside a rock-hewn church, lalibela Ethiopia, he sure didn't ask for anything, though he did appreciate the money I gave him.

Below a Nihang Sikh, I politely asked him if I could take his picture

More on Nihang Sikhs

Below while visiting a metal polisher in Istanbul Turkey,  A picture opportunity.

A lady selling Bird Seed Turkey, She didn't want to look at the Camera, though she smiled

Below Inside step pyramid in Egypt, the Gentleman had interesting stories to tell

Below A Sadhu in India


Below A woman in Cambodia, she laughed when I asked if I could take her picture

Below Men in Rajasthan India

Happy travels!

My gear Sony NEX Camera

Sony NEX-5TL Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

What Camera is in your backpack?



  1. I love your photos! Sometimes I am too shy to ask for permission and instead just don't take a photo even though I very much want to. I will man up and ask next time!

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