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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Central Texas Ballooning
by Arvin- Kohli - 2

Central Texas Ballooning Association at their annual Lake Travis flight at sunrise, Saturday the August 8th 2015 at Mansfield Dam Park, Great little park to walk around and have a picnic, you can even swim off one of the Docks.

I got there before 7 AM, The Ballooning event was crowded and parking was an issue, still managed to get a few good Pictures.

The pictures below represents the Lone Star and Colors of the State of Texas Flag.

Went for a walk along the Park to get a picture of the Sunrise.

MY camera is Sony NEX-3



  1. I need to look this up! I've always wanted to see a balloon festival!! We live in Austin and hopefully this isn't too far!

    1. Last flight they had was around Lake Travis, the one before was in hutto, their website is