Sleep Under the Stars in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum ticket office
Wadi Rum Entrance Ticket Office with Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain in the background
Wadi Run Jordan is breathtaking, a natural wonderland.

If you ever saw Lawrence of Arabia and were mesmerized by the desert rock formations then Wadi Rum will enthrall you. This is the setting for that movie and is breath-taking. Ride camel across the desert and camp out under the stars here for a magical experience. 

Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain Wadi Rum
Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain Wadi Rum

camp site wadi rum
My Camp Site Wadi Rum
Got some tea going in the Desert Campsite

Riders in the desert, Take a long holiday, Let your children play
Ride camel across wadi rum
I've been through the desert on a Camel with no name

wadi rum
Wadi Rum Sunset Climb
Yes, Climbed that mountain above to get some Sunset photos, not an easy climb.

Red Desert Dreams in Wadi Rum
Hired the 4x4 white Jeep to take me around Wadi Rum
Exploring Wadi Rum Super excited

Desert meets  Canyon 
Stone Carvings
 Not Sure what those Mountain Carvings meant or what whey were for, in the foot steps of Lawrence of Arabia maybe

No Automobile repair shop for 100 miles
Owner/driver trying to jerry-rig his 4x4 the night before

 I explored for hours in the Desert without a camel with no name

Hitch hiker in the middle of no where 
Finally got to the camp, picked up my belongings and got to the road winch connects to the main highway, hitch hiked my way to the highway, to catch a bus to Petra.

The red white scarf you see on me, I bought at a souvenir shop in Aqaba. Before arriving in Wadi Rum, I was in Aqaba for scuba diving in the red sea, and much that I wish I had a care free life and lived in Wadi Rum I am not Bedouin.

Last Final notes - Word cannot describe how amazing Wadi Rum is. As Nike says Just Do it.


  1. The most amazing experience!! I would love to live it too !! Great post and awesome photo!! Thanks for sharing with us

  2. Very cool story. Love the souvenir scarf. That will be a lifetime reminder of your great adventure. How did the hitchhiking go? Do you hitchhike all over the world?

    1. Thanks! I was able to get a ride, I have hitchhiked in Europe mostly, and hitchhike very rare these days. With budget airlines and rideshare companies like blablacar for long distances, and Uber for short inner city distances, its easier and cheaper to get around.

  3. Wadi Rum has been on my list for a while and I am so happy you had that great trip. I will do as as Nike tells me and also just visit soon.

  4. I burst out laughing when I read the caption on the photo "I've been through the dessert on a camel with no name.." LOL! Of course I had to sing it in my head....

  5. I love camping and this looks like a great camping adventure. I have hitch hiked in a few places and you meet some great people and get to experience their life not just the window dressing for tourists.