Sunday, November 6, 2011

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When it comes to life experiences, there is perhaps nothing better than travel. In a culture that is so focused on buying and having products, travel is what really makes us grow and change as people. Traveling the world gives a person insight into new culture, new experiences, and new thoughts that they never would have encountered if they had simply stayed at home. Here are five reasons world travels are something everyone should incorporate into their lives:

1.      Disconnect from your own life. Having a stable job, family, and friends is great—but it doesn’t teach you very much. Having a serious demand on your time in the form of a job can become grating and frustrating. Traveling gives you the opportunity to leave that stress behind and just do something fun by yourself, with family, or with friends.

2.      Make yourself smarter. A well-traveled person is a better learner, is more open to new ideas, and is more tolerant than those who have never traveled. Of course, a well-traveled person can still be ignorant and intolerant, but seeing the world and meeting people from all over the world is more likely to broaden your mind and give you wider perspective.

3.      Become better at embracing change. Regular travelers are better at dealing with upheavals in their lives. When you often have to deal with new and exciting cities and people, your mind becomes more adaptable and you are better able to handle those situations, even when you are back at home. If you want to become a more centered, well-rounded person, travel can be a great way to do that.

4.      It’s motivational. Nothing can make your more of a spendthrift than planning a new trip to a new place. Traveling has never been inexpensive—people just used to budget for it. Instead of buying new clothes every weekend or spending all their money on objects they didn’t really need, they saved their money and traveled.

5.      See new things. If all you ever see and do is what you’ve always seen and done, you’ll very easily become bored and jaded. Seeing and doing new things through world travels is the best way to stay happy and amazed at the beautiful world around us. The world has endless wonders and beauty, but you’ll never get to see it if you don’t actually get out and travel.

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