Sunday, October 11, 2015

Search Engine Optimization

Gone are the days of stuffing your pages of content with nonsensical keywords and buying huge spam link packages to get your site ranked; this sort of black hat approach will get you nowhere fast with Google and the other search engines of today.  Here are some practical tips to get your sites ranked.

Create Quality Content
Strive for quality over quantity; Google rewards top quality, original content and can detect poorly-written or over optimized content.  Readers tend to stay on sites with quality content for longer; Google calls this metric the long click and rewards sites with a good long click rating.
Keywords are still important but they must be used in a natural, organic and conversational way.

Use Organic Outreach
Google has spent a lot of money effort and technician time on being able to detect spam backlinks and punish the sites that use them; they have a precise algorithm to detect such patterns.  Links are still extremely important but the best way to build them in 2015 is via organic outreach.  There are two main approaches to organic outreach; firstly, you write content that is so good people share it and link to your site, and secondly, you approach other webmasters in your niche and offer to write a guest post in exchange for a link on their site.

Encourage Google Plus Shares
Google Plus is owned by Google, so +1s are becoming increasingly important; make sure your share buttons are prominent on your site.

SEO Optimized URLs
Use your keyword in your URL; it makes your site organised and easy for the search engines to interpret what your site is all about.

Load Time
Make sure that your site has a fast load time; Google is all about user experience and they want their users to be able to access the content they need as quickly as possible.  If your site is slow loading users will navigate away from it quickly and this harms the aforementioned long click rating.

Check your Website Speed at the link below

And Last but not least…

I’m going to close by saying the most harmful thing you can do to your site in 2015 is to not optimize it for mobile use; Google will penalize these sites and you will get fewer visitors end of story!  In fact, if you haven’t done this to your sites go and do it now!



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