Saturday, January 9, 2016

Taking Photos of People When Travelling

People photography while travelling, the one rule to follow is always ask for permission. Try to be different.

Fairly frequently, you'll get a yes, in some places you might be expect to pay, the picture below I took of a local Man outside a rock-hewn church, lalibela Ethiopia, he sure didn't ask for anything, though he did appreciate the money I gave him.

Below a Nihang Sikh, I politely asked him if I could take his picture

More on Nihang Sikhs

Below while visiting a metal polisher in Istanbul Turkey,  A picture opportunity.

A lady selling Bird Seed Turkey, She didn't want to look at the Camera, though she smiled

Below Inside step pyramid in Egypt, the Gentleman had interesting stories to tell

Below A Sadhu in India


Below A woman in Cambodia, she laughed when I asked if I could take her picture

Below Men in Rajasthan India

Happy travels!

My gear Sony NEX Camera

Sony NEX-5TL Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

What Camera is in your backpack?


  1. I love your photos! Sometimes I am too shy to ask for permission and instead just don't take a photo even though I very much want to. I will man up and ask next time!

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